I stopped the elephant again and said to the man, “Why are you angry when the evening is so cool, little man from town?” As angry protesters and MPs show, this cannot change with a Supreme Court ruling. Many talked to employees as if they were lazy, Johnson said, and workers sometimes had to call police about particularly angry people. You spoil it with the hero of the play: the ugly, angry, sniffer four-legged boyfriend. At the time of writing, more than 800 angry comments are following the post. Men who always cling to the privileges afforded to them by their gender, no matter how much women change, are charmed and confused by their invincibility until they get angry at the challenge it presents and act accordingly. The charge of the light brigade was overwhelmed by these angry Creoles. The first syllable of furious is ir for thread, related to the Greek word oistros, which means “thing that causes madness.” An angry investor could sell all his shares in a company. Hopefully you thanked your aunt for the birthday check – otherwise you might get an angry call from her. If your mom is angry, it`s best to get out of the way and be busy cleaning your room. When the report was released in October, a vocal group of residents were still angry that the closures were restricting access to recreational activities as sports exploded and the backcountry became increasingly congested. Thus, even those on the outer edge made no hostile movements when the angry instructor frantically passed through them.

Who, if not an angry manager, has ever called Jack Nicholson by his last name? In one episode, two undercover flight attendants restrained and handcuffed the angry traveler in question. “I`ll turn on the tube when he comes out, if you don`t mind,” the angry mother shouted as she left the room. How wrong is the Tea Party, no matter how angry and moody, to criticize government operations? On the scale of anger comes first annoyed, then angry, then angry. When cartoon characters are angry, they are so angry that smoke comes out of their ears. The president was increasingly angry because officials would not support his unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.